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About CaRN


A healthy and vigorous Canadian research ecosystem where all outputs are trustworthy, rigorous, and reproducible.


Investigate the factors that contribute to trustworthy, rigorous, and reproducible research across a wide range of disciplines; promote training activities; disseminate best practice; and work with researchers, institutions, and external stakeholders—organisations that are part of the wider research ecosystem—to ensure coordination of efforts to improve research quality and research culture. Our position is that research should serve society at large and that reducing research waste and improving research quality will advance this goal.

Steering Committee

Robert Thibault is a Canadian Postdoctoral Scholar currently working with the Meta-Research Innovation Center at Stanford University (METRICS). His work focuses on developing and testing initiatives that can facilitate a trustworthy and efficient research ecosystem.

Clare Ardern is a researcher at the University of British Columbia with expertise in sports medicine, rehabilitation and meta-research. Her work focuses on the impact of health research on public policy, how meta-research can help clinicians make quality decisions, and return to sport after injury.

Kelly Cobey is a Scientist at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute where she is the Director of the Meta-Research and Open Science Program. Her research interests include: research reporting, data management and sharing best practices,  reproducibility, and patient engagement in research.

Karim Khan is Scientific Director, CIHR-Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis and Professor, University of British Columbia. He is interested in grant peer review and methods to achieve consensus in research.

David Moher is Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Ottawa and Director, Centre for Journalology, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. He is interested in researcher assessment, reporting guidelines, and systematic reviews.

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